Activities to do whilst walking to the Museum

We have developed some activities to do whilst you walk to the Museum, so that your walk time can be part of the learning experience.
They have been developed with your individual school in mind to fit with the route you would take to the Museum.

If your school is not within walking distance you could catch the train or the bus. Then use one of the bottom two information sheets, but do the activity throughout your entire journey.

More information on walking, catching a train or a bus to the Museum


Activities for...

Lyndhurst School

13 mins walk/0.7 miles

Lorraine School

20 mins walk/1.1 miles

Crawley Ridge Infant School

23 mins/1.2 miles

Crawley Ridge Junior SchoolImage of teachers with pupils

23 mins/1.2 miles

Cordwalles Junior School

25 mins/1.4 miles

South Camberley Primary School (Redwood Campus)

29 mins/1.4 miles

Prior Heath Infant School

29 mins/1.5 miles

Camberley Railway Station

6 mins/0.3 miles

Pembroke Broadway Bus Stop

5 mins/0.2 miles