Discovery Boxes

A selection of old toys

Use our Discovery Boxes to find out about the past.

We have available a number of boxes covering different National Curriculum topics.

Boxes contain a mix of original and replica items, information about each item along with guidance notes on best use within the classroom, plus further activities you can try with your pupils.

Our Discovery Boxes will help your pupils investigate the topic subjects and encourage them to compare past and present. They can be used to promote and develop observation, critical thinking, problem solving, questioning and empathising skills. They are also ideal for stimulating creative writing, art and design.

Boxes available to hire are:

  • Old Toys
  • Victorian Life
  • Victorian School Days
  • First World War
  • World War Two
  • 1950s Britain
  • The Stone Age

Please contact the museum if you require something different.

The cost is £10 per fortnight without a booked workshop and £5 per fortnight with a booked workshop.

All our Loan Boxes are to be collected from the museum and returned to us by the agreed date.

If you require further information and to book the loan of a Discovery Box please email