Street Naming and Numbering

Carto map of Current Street Naming and Numbering Cases:

The above map shows the status of current street naming and numbering cases at Surrey Heath Borough Council. If you cannot find your case on the map please email quoting your SNN case reference number, e.g. SNN601.

Address Amendments

To make an application for an address amendment, please click on the following link:

An address amendment application covers the following scenarios:

  • Naming a numbered property
  • Renaming a numbered property
  • Renaming a named property
  • Changing primary access to a property
  • Registering an address for an existing property

New Developments

To request an address for a new residential or commercial development, please click on the link below:

A new development application covers the following scenarios:

  • Numbering properties resulting from a change of use and/or sub-division e.g.flats
  • Numbering single properties/small developments on an existing street
  • Numbering properties/small developments with a new street

If you are unsure of the type of application you need to make, the application form does not meet your SNN requirements, or you require further information, please email

Guidelines and procedures

Surrey Heath’s Street Naming and Numbering Guidance offers guidelines, procedures and further information on your SNN query. This document should answer frequently asked questions about postcodes (1.6), third party databases (1.4) and the legal background (1.3).

For address amendments please refer to section 4 and for new developments please see sections 3 and 4.

If you feel that the guidance does not answer your query or you require further information, please email the SNN officer at


Postcodes are assigned to new or existing properties by Royal Mail at the request of the local authority. For a building to be eligible for a postcode it has to be either:

  • A residential property that is occupied, and meets the requirements of a secure mail delivery point so the postman can access it safely for the delivery of mail.
  • A bone fide business address that has clear signage displaying the business name, it also has to be occupied during business hours and have a delivery point that is both secure and easily accessible for the delivery of mail.

Please note that a letterbox on an uninhabited building/barn, fence or gate does NOT meet the criteria to be added to PAF. If you have any queries, please contact Royal Mail's address development team at

Maintenance of street name plates

The Council is responsible for the maintenance of street name plates but not traffic information signs, which are the responsibility of Surrey County Council. If a street name plate has been damaged or is missing please report it here, or contact Environmental Services at Surrey Heath Borough Council on 01276 707100 or via email


Street Naming and Numbering Charges



Property naming / renaming


Register a new postal address (not the result of a planning application)

£55 each

Street renaming / renumbering at residents' request

£200 plus £40 per property

New Developments


Initial flat-rate fee


First property


Properties 2-5

£35 each

Properties 6+

£30 each

Changes to development layouts after notification

£40 per plot

Changes to development layouts after completion

New SNN Application