Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Plan Area

Deepcut Neighbourhood Area

Surrey Heath Borough Council designated the Deepcut Neighbourhood Area on 21 October 2014 following an application from the Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum. A map of the Deepcut Neighbourhood Area can be found here.

Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum

Surrey Heath Borough Council also designated the ‘Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum’ as the neighbourhood forum for the Deepcut Neighbourhood Area on 21 October 2014. 
Under current legislation, the designation of a neighbourhood forum lasts for five years, meaning that the designation of the Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum ceased on 21 October 2019. The Deepcut Neighbourhood Area is not affected by the expiry of the forum designation.


The group named the ‘Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum’ has applied to be designated again as the forum for the Deepcut Neighbourhood Area under regulation 8 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. If a designation is made, no other organisation or body may be designated for that neighbourhood area until that designation expires or is withdrawn.
The Council is consulting on the application for designation from 00:00 on 16 August to 23:59 on 29 September 2021. The consultation can be found at here.