Fairoaks Airport

Submission of Valid Planning Application 18/0642

The application was made valid in October 2018. This is a cross-boundary application and so an identical planning application has been submitted to Runnymede Borough Council. If you have any views relating specifically to the Borough of Runnymede then you may also wish to contact them directly. Irrespective of whom you submit your comments to, this Council and Runnymede Borough Council will endeavour to share with each other all correspondence received.

Amended and additional plans and documents were received in September 2019 and a re-consultation has been undertaken.  Please note that any comments already submitted on the original submission will still be taken into account.

Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Opinion 2018

On the 23 April 2018 the Council received a request for an EIA scoping opinion. An identical request was also sent to Runnymede Borough Council and Woking Borough Council. 

On the 1 June 2018 a joint response was given by Surrey Heath, Runnymede and Woking:

Expression of Interest 2016

In July 2016 the Council submitted to the Homes and Communities Agency an Expression of Interest for a Garden Village bid.

Previously this information was classed as ‘exempt’, ie not made public, as the landowners had not made their intentions for the site public.

The Council wishes to make it clear that the EOI does not confer any approval or permission for development.

In 2017 the Council received a copy of the letter from the Homes and Communities Agency setting out the decision in respect of the Garden Village bid: