Member of Surrey County Council, Surrey Fire, Rescue Service and Surrey Police holding a Park Smart poster. Our #ParkSmart campaign encouraging safer parking around schools, is in response to complaints that schools, councils and the police have received from the public.

Dangerous and illegal parking around schools, particularly at drop off and pick up times, is an ongoing problem, despite schools repeatedly urging parents to park safely outside their schools. Parking on pavements, or on zigzags or yellow lines surrounding schools, reduces space and visibility for drivers and pedestrians, making accidents more likely, especially at busy times. The latest data about child casualties (serious and slight) at school journey times within 250m of school gates showed an average of 50 per year across Surrey*.
*Reference: Child Road Casualties in the Vicinity of Schools in Surrey from 2005 to 2011 report. 

SHBC parking enforcement officers have increased the number of visits to schools around the relevant times to try to educate people and improve parking behaviour, including issuing tickets where necessary. These visits are supported by Surrey Police officers where resources allow. Surrey County Council has also implemented new parking restrictions outside more schools to increase safety. However the SHBC civil enforcement team cannot be outside every school every day – so they need the assistance of parents to help make improper parking outside of schools unacceptable.

More information on safe, legal and sensible parking is available from Park SMARTThis is part of Drive SMART, a Road Safety and Anti-Social Driving Partnership created by Surrey County Council (including Surrey Fire and Rescue Service) and Surrey Police.

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