Ticketless Parking

The Main Square and Knoll Road multi-storey car parks operate on a car number plate recognition system where the barrier captures your number plate as you enter the car park. This means you will not be issued with an entry ticket.

How do I pay?

When you are ready to leave, simply enter your car number plate in to a pay station located within the car park. The machine will know what time you entered and tell you how much to pay. You can pay at the pay stations by cash or card, which now includes contactless or ApplePay. You can use the new Glide App to pay for parking in Main Square and Knoll Road. You can also buy a parking permit, see Permits.

How do I get out?

The exit barrier will read your number plate and check that you have paid. The barrier will automatically raise and let you out of the car park.

I am a permit holder, how do I get in and out?

As a permit holder your number plate will be pre-recorded on the computer. The cameras at the entrance and exit will recognise your number plate and let you in and out automatically.

As a Permit Holder I use more than one vehicle

When you register as a permit holder you need to provide SHBC with all the registration numbers of the vehicles you use. The system will allow only one vehicle in to the car park at any one time. Should a second (or third) vehicle enter the car park, that vehicle will have to pay the parking fee.

As a Permit holder, what happens if I am using a hire car or another car not on the system?

Enter the car park as normal and as soon as you can, contact Parking Services on 01276 707152.

What happens to the information recorded by the cameras?

The only information recorded is the registration number of the vehicle. This data will be handled in strict compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. After 28 days the registration numbers are permanently erased from the system.

A Privacy Impact Assessment on Car Parking using Automatic Number Plate Recognition has been produced to demonstrate how information recorded is used and stored.