Portesbery Road Car Park Permits

This permit will allow you to park in the Portesbery Road Car Park in any permit holders only bay.

Who can apply?

Anybody who resides in Portesbery Road although this car park is exclusively available for residents of Portesbery Road and is currently fully subscribed with a waiting list in operation.

How to apply? 

You will need to register online via MiPermit and follow the instructions on screen for a Resident Car Park Permit.  Please note that you will need to upload supporting documentation to do this. You will then need to email Parking Services to confirm you have done this and for Parking Services at parking@surreyheath.gov.uk to open access for you to apply for the permit. This is to protect the current residents and give them priority to renew their permits. If you want to be added to the waiting list you must also register and email parking services and confirmation will be provided that you have been added onto the list and your position in the list. 

How long does it take to get a permit?

As soon as you have had confirmation of the open access, it happens as soon as you complete the application process. Nothing needs to be displayed in the vehicle, you simply need to ensure your correct vehicle registration number is on the permit and you’re covered almost instantly. You can change the vehicle registration number on the permit via the portal, selecting the manage permits option although further proof of vehicle ownership or use will need to be submitted, see Evidence of eligibility below.


Permits are normally issued for a period of 12 months.


The current 12 month charge for a Resident Rural Car Park Permit is £100.

Permit eligibility / validity

Any off-street parking (this includes driveway, garage or hard standing) that is exclusively available to a household is taken into account in determining the maximum permit entitlement of the household, the maximum per household is two.  If you do not have any off-street parking then the property is entitled to apply for up to two resident’s permits. If there is one off street space available, the entitlement is one permit. If there are two or more off street spaces available, there is no entitlement to Resident Rural Car Park Permit.

A permit does not give the holder a right to park or guarantee that any parking space will be available.

Permits are only valid for the vehicle for which they are issued. If you change your vehicle, even for a short time, you must amend your permit on the website before re-parking or you may be liable to a Penalty Charge Notice. Please allow one hour for a change, although often the time for the permit change to become active is much shorter than this.

Permits are only valid until the expiry date confirmation as provided upon completion of purchase. Vehicles parked with an expired permit may be issued a Penalty Charge Notice. You will be sent a reminder notice before it expires, however it remains the keeper’s responsibility to ensure there is a valid permit for the vehicle parked.

Where to use

The residents parking permit will be issued to the vehicle selected and will only be valid in the car park identified on the application. The residents parking permit will only be valid when the vehicle is completely parked within the clearly marked parking places.  A permit does not give any concession to park on yellow lines or any other restrictions except within a marked bay.


A permit holder who cancels a permit will be entitled to a pro rata refund for the remaining full months left on the permit. The permit will then be offered to the next person on the waiting list and if you wish to reapply you will also need to join the waiting list.

Definition of ‘resident'

To qualify for a resident’s parking permit, the address provided in your application form must be your ‘usual place of abode’. The council must be satisfied that an applicant is a genuine resident and resides at the property for at least 4 days a week.

Evidence of eligibility

Evidence of your eligibility for a parking permit will be requested usually within the first few months of you being granted a permit. This will include a requirement to provide proof of your residential status at the property which may include a utility bill, tenancy agreement or Council tax bill. Proof of your use of the vehicle will also be requested which can be provided in the form of a V5 (vehicle registration document provided by the DVLA), car insurance certificate or company car proof. It is expected this will be returned within 14 days of request or you risk having your permit suspended or terminated.

Termination of a permit

Surrey Heath Borough Council reserves the right to cancel a parking permit at any time but will provide in writing an explanation of its decision.


Off-street parking is a scarce resource, and the Council has a responsibility to ensure that only genuine local residents obtain permits. To that end, the Council takes very seriously any case where someone dishonestly obtains or attempts to obtain a permit to which they are not entitled.

Regular checks are made to protect against permits being obtained dishonestly, including by false statements or forgery, and the Council will consider legal action, which may include criminal prosecution, in cases where it appears this has happened.


It is a contravention of the relevant Traffic Regulation Order to park (without proper cause) in a marked bay without having a valid permit in place or making payment for parking. The current Penalty Charge for a contravention ranges from £50 to £70.