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My Surrey Heath is an interactive mapping service. Use it to find Council and community facilities in the borough such as play areas, bus stops, planning applications and listed buildings.

We are continually developing and adding information to the GIS system, so keep an eye out for more information updates. If you have any comments or suggestions, then please email them to

What are the features of My Surrey Heath ?

  • Find An Address - pinpoint an address on a map by searching for a House Name or Number, Street Name or Postcode.
  • Show My Closest - once you have selected an address you can find out where your nearest facilities are and get more information on them.
  • Show On Map - display a variety of facilities on one map.
  • Show My... - find out more about your local area or neighbourhood.

How do I use My Surrey Heath ?

My Surrey Heath does not require any plug-ins, therefore you do not need to download addition software or reconfigure your browser. If you require further help on using the online mapping system, then please take a look at the Help information.

Download Speed

The download speed depends on your Internet Connection (normally either modem dial-up or Broadband/ADSL. If you are using a 56k modem dial-up connection, My Surrey Heath Maps will take around 20 seconds to download. If you are using a Broadband/ADSL connection, it will take 2-4 seconds to download.


Due to the graphics intensive nature of interactive mapping, the data cannot be presented in an accessible format. However, My Surrey Heath allows you to search for your nearest facilities and the results are presented in an accessible text format.

Map Privacy

Our site Disclaimer explains the Terms and Conditions and Privacy issues of using online maps.


If you would like to let us know your feedback about the My Surrey Heath application, please email the Web Team

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