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In Surrey Heath there are no Council properties. What used to be Council properties are usually referred to as 'affordable' or 'social' housing.

All the affordable and social housing in Surrey Heath is owned by Housing Associations.

As there are more people looking for social housing than homes available we look at all your options when you approach us for housing. This will include private sector housing and shared ownership as well as a housing association tenancy. There are also supported housing options for people who need some help moving towards independence, and independent living schemes for older people. We will assess your options and advise you what is available for you.

The option of being considered for a housing association home is not available to everybody. Who qualifies and how they will be given priority is set out in the Joint Allocation Policy. This Policy is a mixture of Government requirement and local policy. It describes the way that we look at each person's housing situation and how we give priority to people who qualify.

Even if you qualify to be considered for a housing association home there is no guarantee you will be offered a tenancy. Less than a quarter of people on the Housing Register are housed each year and some people will never have sufficient priority to be offered a social housing tenancy.

So that we can advise you on your options we need you to complete a Housing Options Assessment Form above.

Download a copy of the Housing Solutions Assessment Form or contact the Housing Options Team either by calling in to the Council Offices, ringing on 01276 707100 or email