To keep the borough clean, to the standards of cleanliness and set out in the government's "Code of Practice", Surrey Heath Borough Council currently cleans the following areas regularly;

  • major shopping areas
  • recycling sites
  • local shopping areas
  • village centres
Target Response Times for Cleaning up Litter
Types of area Target Response Times for Cleaning up Litter
Town Centres & Local Shopping Areas 2 hours
Main Roads / Key Though Routes 6 hours
Residential Areas 12 hours
Other Areas 3 days

Surrey Heath can also insist that some privately-owned places including public car parks, shopping centres or land outside sports stadiums are kept clear of litter, by turning the land into a "litter control area"; issue "street litter control notices" to certain types of shop owners telling them to keep the pavement near their shop clear of litter and collect any abandoned shopping trolleys in their area.

Cleaner Neighbourhood Act

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Bill came into force in June 2005. It gives the Council greater powers to make use of fixed penalties for littering, graffiti, fly posting and dog fouling. These new powers will help the Council to reduce the effects of  environmental crime, anti-social behaviour and contribute to a safer, greener environment.

You can help by telling the council (01276 707100) or the police if you see anyone dumping rubbish. This is important as, under The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Bill, the council has increased powers to pursue people that have a negative impact on our environment by fly tipping rubbish, for example.