TiksPac stations

TiksPac station in Lightwater Country Park

40 free dog waste bag units were installed across the Borough in 2018 following a successful trial by SHBC.

The innovative TiksPac stations which offer free biodegradable dog waste bags are cost neutral to the Council, thanks to sponsorship from the following companies: Mercury Electroplating; Basepoint Centres; Dog Trouble; Dapper Dogs by Debbie; Pets Abroad UK; Independent Vetcare Ltd - Kingswood Vets; Natural Instinct; and Blackwater Valley Veterinary Centres.

Another 40 were added in 2019 thanks to sponsorship by Petplan Insurance.

TiksPac Stations in Surrey Heath


  • Badger Swift Way, Bagshot (outside Bagshot Infants) - 1 station. GU19 5BP. 
  • Badger Swift Way, Bagshot (outside Connaught Juniors) - 1 station. GU19 5JY.
  • Green Lane (opposite Bagshot Manor) - 1 station. GU19 5NL.
  • Bagshot Playing Fields, College Ride - 1 station. GU19 5EN.
  • Freemantle Road, Bagshot (by play area) - 1 station. GU19 5LY.
  • Whitmoor Road, Connaught Park, Bagshot (footpath to woods between Houlton Court & Laird Court) - 1 station. GU19 5QQ.


  • Bisley Recreation Ground (entrance to playing field by pedestrian crossing) - 1 station. GU24 9EG.
  • Arethusa Way Greenspace (by entrance) - 1 station GU24 9BY.
  • Elder Road Greenspace (opposite Iris Rd on footpath by bin) - 1 station GU24 9SA.


  • Amber Hill (by play area) -1 station. GU15 1EB.
  • Kings Ride / Mathews Road (entrance to Common) - 1 station. GU15 4LY.
  • Ramsay Close (footpath / cycle path by bin) - 1 station. GU15 1JS.
  • Hanson Close (footpath / cycle path Consort Drive End) - 1 station. GU15 1PX.
  • Camberley Park (entrance by Hope Hub) - 1 station. GU15 3SY.
  • Southcote Park, Portsmouth Road, Camberley entrance (Footpath from car park) - 1 station.
  • Watchetts Recreation Ground, Park Road, Camberley (First parking area along drive) - 1 station. GU15 2SR.
  • Watchetts Drive (footpath entrance to rec) - 1 station. GU15 2PQ.
  • London Road Recreation Ground, Grand Avenue, Camberley (on footpath entrance from the Avenue, main entrance on post & rail) 2 stations. GU15 3QH.
  • Watchmoor Nature Reserve, Camberley (in parking area toward pond) - 1 station. GU15 3YN.
  • Admiralty Way, Camberley (by bridge over River Blackwater) - 1 station. GU15 3DT.
  • Old Dean Recreation Ground, Bracknell Road, Camberley (in car park by bowls club) - 1 station. GU15 4BD.
  • Upper College Ride (Old Dean Hill entrance to woods by dog bins) - 1 station.GU15 4JX.
  • Watchetts Lake (entrance from Verran Rd) - 1 station. GU15 2ND.
  • Crabtree Road Rec (car park) - 1 station. GU15 2SZ.


  • Chobham Recreation Ground, Station Road, Chobham (top car park near play area) - 1 station. GU24 8AQ.
  • Chobham Rugby Club (in car park to playing fields) - 1 station. GU24 8LD.
  • Red Lion Rd (by entrance to Burrow Hill by Bench & litter bin) - 1 station. GU24 8QR
  • Chobham Place Woods, Windsor Road, Chobham (on footpath at top of car park) - 1 station. GU24 8TP.
  • Chobham SANG, Windsor Road, Chobham (car park behind the Chobham Rider on footpath) - 1 station. GU24 8LZ
  • Chobham SANG, Windsor Road, Chobham (car park behind the Chobham Rider by yellow barrier) - 1 station. GU24 8LZ


  • Dettingen Estate (junction of Cyprus Road and Alma Gardens) - 1 Station. GU16 6TS.
  • Dettingen Estate (entrance to SANG off Newfoundland Rd) - 1 station. GU16 6SZ.
  • Deepcut Bridge Rd (Highway verge adjacent to SANG noticeboard & bins) - 1 station. GU16 6QX.
  • Blackdown Road, Recreation Ground - 1 station. GU16 6QJ.
  • Mindenhurst Development, The Royal Way - 2 stations. GU16 6SX.


  • Frimley Lodge Park, Sturt Road  (by info board near Café, canal towpath near dipping pond, car park near mini railway & car park by BBQ area) - 4 stations. GU16 6NS.
  • Frimley Fuel Allotments (woods entrance off Alphington Ave) - 1 station. GU16 8LL.
  • Balmoral Drive (balancing pond by litter bin & bench) - 1 station. GU16 9AR.
  • Tomlins Pond, Tomlins Avenue, Camberley - 1 station. GU16 8LJ.
  • Chobham Road Rec (entrance from Chobham Rd) - 1 station. GU16 8PD.
  • Keaver Drive SANG (St Catherines Rd entrance) - 1 station. GU16 7NJ.

Frimley Green

  • The Green at Frimley Green (on the Green, junction with The Hatches) - 1 station. GU16 6HF.
  • Frimley Green Recreation Ground, Frimley Green Road – Parks (Main car park toward play area, on footpath entrance off Sandringham, on footpath entrance off Beresford Close) - 3 stations. GU16 6HY.


  • Theobalds Way Greenspace (by footpath) - 1 station. GU16 9RF.
  • Cheylesmore Drive Greenspace (by footpath on Wingfield Gdns) - 1 station. GU16 9QD.
  • Wellingtonia Avenue (Off Inglewood Ave) - 1 station GU15 1SL.
  • Heatherside Recreation Ground, Cumberland Road, Camberley (on footpath near public toilets off Martindale Avenue. On Wellingtonia Ave entrance off Cumberland Avenue) - 2 stations. GU15 1AY 


  • Lightwater Country Park (main entrance by barrier, top car park at footpath entrance toward High Curley, secondary car park past public toilets) - 3 stations. GU18 5RG.
  • The Briars Centre, Briar Avenue, Lightwater (next to car park by barrier) - 1 station. GU18. 5UN. 
  • Lightwater Recreation Ground (car park entrance to playing field) - 1 station. GU18 5SJ.
  • Turf Hill Woods, Lightwater (In car park) - 1 station. GU18 5SP.


  • Mytchett Centre (roundabout entrance) - 1 station. GU16 6AA.
  • Salisbury Grove (Lynwood Drive junction) - 1 station. GU16 6BX.
  • The Quays by entrance to Blackwater Valley Footpath - 1 station. GU16 6DS.
  • Mytchett Recreation Ground – car park by play area - 1 station. GU16 6JD.

West End

  • Tringham Hall, Playing Fields, Benner Lane, West End (entrance off Streets Heath) - 1 station. GU24 9JP.
  • Tringham Village Hall (pond new footpath) - 1 station. GU24 9QU.
  • Sandpit Hill Woods (car park off Gordon Boys Roundabout) - 1 station GU24 9PU.
  • Brentmoor Heath (footpath off broad Street / Birch Lane) - 1 station. GU24 9NL.
  • Fuchsia Way (between Erica Close & Mahonia Close) - 1 station GU24 9NY.
  • West End bowls Club (footpath from car park to play area) - 1 station. GU24 9PF.
  • Windermere SANG (in car parking area) - 1 station. GU24 9QL. (NB: 1 additional unit to be installed)


  • Windlesham Field of Remembrance, Kennel Lane, Windlesham (in main car park) - 1 station. GU20 6AE.
  • Windlesham Field of Remembrance, entrance top of School Lane - 1 station. GU20 6EY.
  • Windmill Field Greenspace (footpath from Windmill Field) - 1 station. GU20 6QD.
  • Highwaymans Ridge (between Turpins Rise & Mill Pond Rd) - 1 station. GU20 6NG.
  • Brickmakers Arms Car Park (entrance to woods by litter bin) - 1 station. GU20 6HT.
  • Kings Lane Windlesham by junction Chertsey Road - 1 station. GU20 6HR.

This initiative is part of a concerted effort by the Council to reduce dog fouling across the borough, including the introduction of Public Space Protection Order legislation which includes taking action against irresponsible dog owners (www.surreyheath.gov.uk/pspo

The Council are committed to enforce dog fouling restrictions across Surrey Heath - we encourage members of the public who see people not picking up after their pet to report it via www.surreyheath.gov.uk/report-it

Map of TiksPac Stations in Surrey Heath

Map of TiksPac Stations in Surrey Heath