Young Citizen

The Young Citizen scheme provides youngsters with the knowledge and skills to lead safe, healthy lives and to understand how their behaviour can impact on others.

Over 400 school pupils across three days at local secondary schools take part in practical sessions on November to learn first-hand about how to lead safe, healthy lives.

The 2017 sessions will take place on 22rd November at Kings International and 23th / 24th November at Collingwood College.

The scheme is organised by the Safer Surrey Heath Partnership (SSHP) and the schools involved.

Topics covered include: 'staying safe', personal safety and making healthy lifestyle choices as well as being a responsible and considerate citizen.

This page provides information about topics covered and links to useful websites where there's more info, help and advice. 

Among those hosting the  workshops are :
Solomon Theatre Company
Surrey Police
St John Ambulance
Counter Terrorism Policing - Prevent and Surrey Crimestoppers

First Aid -
St John Ambulance will explain basic first aid including putting someone into the recovery position. The session also links into the dangers of fire and how to recognise and treat burns.

Further your knowledge by using the St John Ambulance application on a mobile phone or tablet (Android, iPhone, Blackberry) or play Rescue Run via Facebook, or you can follow St John Ambulance on Twitter or look at their Facebook page.

Cyber safety -
Surrey Police – Online and Prevent aims to empower and educate young citizens about the risks they face online and give young citizens the knowledge to identify the risks posed to them online and the tools available to them to mitigate those risks.  The Prevent section will include what PREVENT is, explain the Radicalisation process and the signs of Radicalisation, the influence of the internet & how extremist groups identify and recruit vulnerable individuals.

Alcohol awareness - 
The Solomon Theatre Company perform their play called 'Last Orders', about a young girl spending an evening at home while her single-parent mother goes out to her job. She is joined by a friend but things get out of hand when they start drinking then invite more friends over for a party. The follow up workshop looks in detail at consequences, alcohol and health, anti-social behaviour and strategies for personal safety.

Alcohol Awareness / Peer Pressure

Fearless (Crimestoppers) - 
This session will explain who is behind the Fearless organisation and what they do.  Pupils will learn about the Secure Online Form as a method of reporting concerns anonymously. Splitting into groups they will discuss the information they have on a criminal scenario each deciding whether they have enough detail to report via Fearless. As each group feeds back collectively we will make sure their report is sanitised to protect their anonymity and record the information they are reporting. The full picture of the crime will emerge as they feedback, emphasising that small pieces of information can be collated and lead to a positive outcome. 

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