Local Council Tax Support Scheme

How to apply

If you are applying for help with your housing costs and are self-employed and do not have accounts for your last full year of trading you can complete the Self-Employed Pro Forma form. This form needs to be completed in addition to the main application form. If we need additional information we will contact you once the form has been submitted.

What are the principles of the local support scheme?

Surrey Heath's local scheme started 1st April 2013 with new rules for working age claimants. Claimants who have reached the qualifying age for state pension credit will be unaffected.

The local scheme seeks to deliver a fair and equitable scheme, within the reduced funding available. It aims to recognise individual circumstances in how this reduced funding is distributed.

Due to the reduction in money available to fund local support schemes this means that most people under pension age who currently receive Council Tax Benefit will have to pay something, or more, towards their council tax bill.

The calculation of Local Council Tax Support under the local scheme will be means tested and broadly follows the rules of the current Council Tax Benefit scheme. The adopted Local Scheme has 6 major changes compared to the current national council tax benefit scheme.

Scheme D - Self Funding Scheme

The local support scheme implemented the following major changes:-

  • No Second Adult Rebate scheme
  • Maximum capital limit £6000
  • Minimum weekly award £5.00
  • Council tax valuation band D to be the maximum eligible council tax valuation band
  • Maximum period for backdated entitlement to be 1 month
  • Maximum relief to be 70% of council tax valuation band D

In addition to these changes protections are included in the local support scheme for those working age claimants who were, at 31 March 2013 in receipt of specified disability premiums.

The local scheme will also continue to disregard in full income paid as military compensation payments and war widows pensions.

Finally a hardship fund has been agreed.