#TalkSurreyHeath, 30 January 2018 – Answers to the unanswered questions


Friday, 23 February, 2018

The latest #TalkSurreyHeath meeting took place at Surrey Heath House on 30 January 2018.  You find out more and watch the broadcast again here.

Due to the one hour duration of the broadcast the panel unfortunately did not have enough time to answer all the questions submitted. These questions and SHBC's replies are below.

We will be running another #TalkSurreyHeath event in Spring 2018.
What are you doing about the homeless?  

Council services are focussed on homelessness prevention so we stop this happening in many cases by working with landlords to address the problems that tenants are encountering. 

When people become homeless we have a case worker to work with them to understand why they are homeless as it is important the reasons why someone became homeless are addressed so that as we help them to move back into accommodation they are able to sustain the tenancy. 

We are working with local community groups to see what more we can do collectively to support homeless people in the Borough. The Council is now also considering whether it needs to begin to build its own housing. 
When will schools have better SENCO for Camberley children that have disabilities?  There are many schools unable to cope to children with ADHD and autism. 

This is a matter for Surrey County Council not SHBC.

Good evening, can anyone update on the planned proposal for South Western Railway to remove our direct line services to and from London Waterloo in the peak time morning and evening? This is devastating blow to local transport, and the proposed changes will drive traffic to Sunningdale for a decent service. 

The Council will continue to lobby for the service to be maintained and is talking to the new franchisee South Western Railway about this.
What has happened to the asset value of The Square shopping centre since acquisition? 

The Square will be valued as part of our accounts. However as has been said before that Council purchased the Square with the intention of holding it for the long term for revenue and investment rather than looking to make immediate capital gains

Can you offer a view on recent trading in The Square?  

The overall spend in the centre is holding steady and footfall is performing slightly better than the national average. The feedback we are getting from our agents is that this has halted a decline and is as a result of the Council’s investment both directly in the centre and in the wider Town Centre.

How bad would it need to get before you shut the Theatre? What an opportunity for redevelopment! 

The Theatre is part of the wider offer of the Town centre. As such it plays an important role in attracting visitors who go on to spend in the town. As such it is an investment in the wider town centre assets that the Council now has a major financial stake in. We are looking for ways to continually improve the offer to ensure long term economic sustainability. Cultural activities are an important element of this.  

Improvements have been made to the running of the theatre to ensure that it is as cost efficient as possible.

We would urge more residents to visit the theatre – it is a real asset for Camberley – as only this will ensure its long term sustainability.

When do you believe that Deepcut will be started or completed?  

Work on roads, the village green and pond and clearance of some trees is already underway. A planning application went to Committee on 8 February for the first phase and we expect construction to start on those homes this year.

Do you agree that the Council should not have promoted Fairoaks until we understand the impact of Longcross? 

The Council has to explore all options for delivering new housing in the Borough. This site is known to be available for development and the bid to the Garden Village project was for funding to assist the Council in understanding whether this site might have potential for housing. In respect of Longcross, there is a wider feasibility study underway to look at the impact of that site together with all potential development proposals along the A320, including Fairoaks. 
Is the council joining other councils to put pressure on NATS, CAA and Heathrow to reinstate flight patterns before November 2011? 
I’m a resident of Windlesham which never had any problems with airplanes until the start of Heathrow Operational Freedoms Trials. 

There is a consultation event regarding the future of London Heathrow on Saturday 10 March, Tringham Hall, Benner Lane, West End, Surrey, GU24 9JP
There is also the option to submit your comments on line.  All the details are on the link below

I understand that there are concerns about drugs being pushed on homeless people in Camberley?  What is being done about this?  I don’t think that leaving it to the Camberley Cafe to address this is even remotely acceptable.  

This is a matter for the Police but the Surrey Heath Community Development officer is also working with the Police to understand the issues behind this and what if anything the Council can do to assist.
Is it still the council’s intention to add “41 000 square metres of retail floor space” in the town centre?  

The retail sector is going through an extraordinary period of change fuelled by economic conditions and new technology, both of which are affecting people’s habits. This is reviewed at intervals through the Local Plan evidence base process. It is fair to say though that the market is moving more quickly. The redevelopment of the London Road Block, and any other Town Centre development led by the Council will therefore be based on best market information at the time to insure that it meets the needs of the Town and remains economically viable into the future.

What pollution measurements have been made in the High Street during a busy Saturday afternoon?  

Nitrogen dioxide is measured constantly in Camberley High Street. It does not record specific days but averages over a month period. There is a relationship between averaged levels and short-term exposure to which the query relates. Our results determine that there would not be an exposure of short term levels in the High Street approaching or exceeding the national air quality objectives.
I am part of a group of seven households - 15 adults - living around Tomlins Pond, concerned about the fishing on this No Fishing pond, especially when fishing takes place out of council working hours. What is being done?  

Signage has been installed to clearly let people know that they cannot fish at Tomlins Pond.  There are also signs encouraging people to use other ponds where fishing is allowed.  Larger, permanent signs are on order that will be installed as soon as we receive them.

We continue to monitor the situation and work with residents and the police on this matter.
I would like to ask, that in light of the government’s policy and our MP ’s supporting statements, will the council now stop using single-use bottles of water in the council chamber and install a source of water for members to fill their own glasses during meetings? 

This is something the council will look into.