Statement regarding SHBC independent investigation


Friday, 30 August, 2019

Further to recent comments on social media Surrey Heath Borough Council would like to reassure all members of the public in regard to the independent investigation into the payment of an additional duties allowance paid to the Chief Executive.

Group Leaders representing all political parties on the Council worked with the Deputy Chief Executive and the Monitoring Officer to agree the Terms of Reference for the investigation. External legal advice has been sought throughout the process so far. 

The Council will be appointing a national law firm, very experienced in dealing with such matters to undertake the investigation which it is anticipated will commence next week.  

Questions are also being raised across social media in regard to the salary of Tim Pashen, Deputy Chief Executive.

In the accounts dated 2016/17 Mr Pashen worked part-time 4 days a week but by 2017/18 he had voluntarily returned to full time hours. In 2018  Mr Pashen took on additional duties which together with a 4.2% salary increase over two years accounts for the increased figure shown in the 2018/19 accounts.