SHBC encourages residents of Frimley Green to register to vote ahead of by-election


Wednesday, 15 September, 2021
On Thursday 14 October 2021 residents in Frimley Green will elect a councillor for Frimley Green borough ward.  
In order to vote in this important election, residents of Frimley Green must be on the electoral register. With the deadline to register to vote fast approaching, Surrey Heath is urging people who have not registered at their current address to make sure they are registered in time.   
The deadline to register to vote is midnight on Tuesday 28 September. It takes just five minutes to apply online at  
Voters have a range of options for casting their ballot – in person, by post or by appointing someone they trust to vote in their place, known as a proxy vote. For those who choose to vote in person, polling stations will be safe places to vote on 14 October.   
All electors voting in person will vote at Frimley Community Centre, Balmoral Drive, Frimley, GU16 9AR. This includes electors who usually vote at Frimley Green Youth Centre.    
The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm on Wednesday 29 September, and for a proxy vote the deadline is 5pm on Wednesday 6 October.  
Damian Roberts, Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer for Surrey Heath, said: “As with any election, it’s important that as many residents as possible in Frimley Green make their voices heard and have a say on who represents them on issues that affect their day-to-day lives. To be able to vote in this election, you must be registered by midnight on 28 September.   
“If you have recently turned 18 or moved home, it is particularly important that you act to ensure that you are registered to vote.   
“If you were registered to vote in the last election and your details have not changed, you don’t need to take any action. If in doubt, you can check with us via or 01276 707165.” 
Details of candidates standing for elections will be published on the SHBC website by 4pm on Monday 20 September. 
For information on elections in your area, how to register to vote, or how to apply to vote by post or by proxy, visit
More information can be found on the Surrey Heath Frimley Green By-Election 2021 webpage.