Council Tax - new free text message reminder service and Discount update


Wednesday, 11 March, 2020

Council Tax – Free Text Message Reminder Service  


The Council Tax collected by SHBC from just over 37,000 domestic properties is used to help fund vital local services provided by SHBC, Surrey County Council (SCC), Surrey Police and Parish Councils. 


To ensure we collect the Council Tax owed, we issue reminders by post very promptly if the correct payment is not made on the due date.   


From April 2020 Council Tax payers can choose to have a free reminder sent by text message prior to any recovery letters being issued. 


This will not only give you a convenient, timely reminder, but will save on paper and postage costs for the Council, and be more environmentally friendly.   


If you would like to sign up to this free service, please email with your mobile number and your council tax account number (which can be found on the bill dated 10 March 2020), and we will do the rest. 


Council Tax Discount Update 


Some of the important services provided by SHBC are delivered by Community Services, including Meals at Home, Community Transport, the Windle Valley Centre and Social Prescribing.


These services are discretionary, which means they are optional for the local authority to deliver. 


The Council knows that these services are vital to our vulnerable residents, and to help fund them, SCC has agreed that the money raised from any domestic property remaining empty and unfurnished for up to 28 days can be retained by SHBC. The sum is estimated to be in excess of £185,000 per year. 


From 1 April 2020 the current 100% local Council Tax discount in respect of property left empty and unfurnished for up to 28 days will therefore be reduced to 0%.