Food Hygiene Rating for Food Business Operators

Information for Businesses

As part of the scheme a guide has been produced to assist food business operators. This guide also includes instructions on how to make an appeal, request a revisit to make a right to reply comment. To access this information click on the link below.

Workshops were held for food businesses so that business operators can learn how the scheme works and how to improve their future rating.

For those who missed the workshop the slides can be seen below:

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme - information for business

Forms to request revisit, lodge an appeal or submit a right to reply comment:

There is no charge for a food hygiene inspection, revisit to check compliance with statutory contraventions, complaint investigation or sampling visit.

However from 1st April 2018, if a food business requests a re-inspection to attempt to improve its food hygiene rating score, there will be a charge of £150.

For more information please see the following links: