Due to the recent unprecedented times, SHBC have not begun the recruitment for the 2021 programme. Information about the scheme will become available in the near future. If you would like to make an enquiry please contact

About our internships​

2019 Surrey Heath Borough Council Interns

Since 2017, SHBC has recruited undergraduates to work on real projects for the Council during their study breaks via our Summer Internship programme.
Designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable experience within a Local Authority, the placements can last between four weeks through to three months, and are open to undergraduates and graduates.  
Seven interns joined SHBC in the summer of 2019, working in Economic Development; Media and Communications; Human Resources; Investment and Development; Planning Policy and Business.
Recent Investment and Development intern Alannah said: “The I & D team were all welcoming and ensured that I got the most out of my month at SHBC from day one. I would really recommend this Internship for anyone looking for a real working experience in a corporate environment. My role was varied and involved planning events, designing pop-up features in vacant spaces in the town centre and attending meetings with the Chief Executive and other departments and investors. I also sourced and researched materials and companies for different events, gathered quotes, prepared information for the website and reported back my findings. This internship has really helped build my confidence in the workplace and put my skills in to practice. I enjoyed my time at SHBC and learnt a lot of transferrable and professional skills that I can implement in my new job.”
Human Resources intern Ellen said: “The Internship exceeded my expectations. I did not think I would be given as much responsibility as I have been, which makes me feel trusted and valued in the team. I have been given lots of exciting projects to be getting on with so I always have something to do! I feel as though I have already developed my skills massively which, along with my degree, will make me much more employable for the future”
Another recent intern Tara said: "The past two summers I have worked in economic development, investment and development, event planning, PR, and even been involved the Town Centre’s promo videos. It’s been an amazing experience overall and really useful.”