Key Decisions

The Council has agreed that key decisions are those:

  • likely to result in expenditure or savings of at least £100,000 or £100 million if it relates to treasury management matters; or
  • likely to have a significant impact on people or organisations in two or more wards within the Borough;
  • which are made in the course of developing proposals to the Council to amend the policy framework.

Schedule of Key Decisions

The current Schedule of Key Decisions. The Schedule shows whether the Council or the Executive or an officer will make the key decision. The intended date of the decision may be subject to change.

Archived Schedules of Key Decisio​ns

The Members of the Executive

Current Members of the Executive

Members of the Council

Current Members of the Council


Where Key Decisions are to be taken by an officer, the name and title of the officer will be shown on the schedule.

View officer key decisions:

March 2013

Copies of any documents, reports and associated background

Any documents, reports or associated background papers to be submitted to the decision-maker will be available 5 clear days before the date on which the decision is to be made.

Alternatively these documents are available upon request from Democratic Services. Please telephone 01276 707100, email: or in writing to the Democratic Services Manager, Surrey Heath House, Knoll Road, Camberley GU15 3HD.

If the decision relates to a matter to be considered in the private part of a meeting or involves the disclosure of exempt information, whilst the particulars of the matter will be shown, any documents will not be made available. For further information relating to matters to be considered in private meetings, please refer to the following page:

Case of Special Urgency