Peer Challenge

Surrey Heath Borough Council - Corporate Peer Challenge

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In October 2014 Surrey Heath Borough Council was the subject of a Corporate Peer Challenge, delivered by a team made up of senior local government officers from other local authorities.

The Peer Challenge team were asked to test the council's thinking on a number of key areas, including the sustainability of the Council's new organisational/staffing model, the understanding and deliverability of the Council as a business and how this linked to the Council's medium term financial plan/strategy.

It is important to point out that this was not an inspection. Peer challenges are improvement-focused and tailored to meet individual councils' needs. They are designed to complement and add value to a council's own performance and improvement plans. The peers used their experience and knowledge of local government to reflect on the information presented to them by people they met, things they saw and material that they read.

The full Peer Challenge Review report can be viewed here.