Five Year Strategy

Surrey Heath is moving with the times and whilst the next five years will bring its challenges in a fast changing environment there are exciting opportunities too. We are aware of the need to become self-sustaining in terms of our finances, we recognise the requirement to meet the needs of our community in terms of every age range and as technology continues to advance in leaps and bounds Surrey Heath wants to embrace the digital age, making services more accessible.

Five Year Strategy document (decorative)

Surrey Heath is already one of the safest, cleanest and greenest, most prosperous places to live and it is important that we preserve this for future generations. We are committed to securing successful outcomes, whilst rising to the challenges ahead.

We have grouped our approach to these challenges under 4 themes:
  • Place – continued focus on our vision to make Surrey Heath an even better place to live. Clean, green and safe. Where people enjoy and contribute to a high quality of life and a sustainable future.
  • Prosperity – to sustain and promote our local economy so people can work and do business across Surrey Heath, promoting an open for business approach that attracts investment and complements our place.
  • Performance – to deliver effective and efficient services better and faster.
  • People – to build and encourage communities where people can live happily and healthily in an environment that the Community is proud to be part of.

In this strategy we set out the priorities for each of these themes over the coming 5 years which, in turn, will inform our Annual Plans.


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