Caravan and Camping Sites

 What do I need to know?

The application must be accompanied by the appropriate fee, a set of park rules, a site plan at 1:500 scale showing the layout of all roads, footpaths, mobile homes and facilities. (Please contact Regulatory Services on 01276 707100 for information relating to the fee). Please note in order to apply for a site licence you will have had to be granted Planning Permission.

What happens next?

Are there inspections/assessments?
Once you application and appropriate fee has been received, you will be contacted and an appointment will be made for a detailed inspection of the proposed caravan site. If the inspection demonstrates that it fully meets the model standards and all other relevant matters are in order the licence will normally be issued immediately.
If there are issues that do not meet the standard required the applicant will be advised as how to address those issues with instructions to contact the Council again when they have been rectified. All being well following re-inspection the licence will then be granted.

Under no circumstances are mobile homes or caravans to be occupied on site until a licence has been granted.

Once the licence is granted, the site will benefit from one detailed inspection a year with quarterly site visits and unannounced inspections following complaint. Any breach of licence conditions will be identified and the park owner given reasonable time to rectify them. Failure to do so will result in the service of compliance notices.

Should the park owner fail to comply with such a notice it will become a criminal offence and on summary conviction at a Magistrates' Court they could be liable to an unlimited fine. If the work remains outstanding after prosecution the Council will be able to conduct the works in default and recharge any costs incurred to the park owner. If invoices are not paid, those costs can be placed as a charge on the owner's property, to be recovered, together with accrued interest at a later date - following enforced sale if necessary.

If I'm turned down, how do I appeal?
Firstly, please contact the Council to see if the issue can be resolved.
If you want to appeal about the refusal of a licence, a condition attached to a licence, or changes to the conditions, you can do so by appealing to the Residential Property Tribunal (RPT) within 21 days of receiving your notification letter from us.

How long does the licence last, and what's the renewal procedure?
The licence lasts for an indefinite period, unless the planning permission for site expires. In this situation, the licence would expire at the same time.
Licence conditions are subject to change at any time. You will be notified of any such changes so that you have ample opportunity to challenge any decisions.

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