The Workshop

The Workshop - Careers guidance for 18-24 year olds in Surrey Heath

Unemployment in 18-24 year olds in the Surrey Heath Borough has risen by more than 200% since the Covid-19 Pandemic (based on DWP figures of Universal Credit claimants of that age between Feb 2020 and Feb 2021). 

Launching on 7 June 2021, The Workshop is a joint partnership between Surrey Heath Borough Council and The Department for Work and Pensions which aims to deliver holistic support to young people in response to the impact of Covid-19 on this specific group of working-age adults.

As well as reducing unemployment, we also aim to increase the amount of young adults taking up apprenticeships, increase their employment skills and improve their confidence.
Working primarily from a ‘hub’ space in central Camberley (shop space opposite TK Maxx in the Main Square), The Workshop will work closely with local businesses and employment support providers to offer young job seekers (both referred via DWP and a ‘walk-in’ service) opportunities to improve their employment skills and discover new career paths. We will act as an information centre to signpost the services and support available to them, and work alongside local businesses to deliver career-style events, skills workshops and seminars to demonstrate the breadth and depth of employment opportunities available in Surrey Heath.
The success of this project relies heavily upon local businesses and employment support providers offering their support, time and resources as part of their company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. We are looking forward to working together with you to support this precious future workforce. We want to lead by example; demonstrating that local business communities and organisations strive to join forces to support those in need.

Is your company able to offer any of the following?

  • Employment, volunteering opportunities, traineeships, internships, apprenticeships, work placements, work experience, mentorships and potentially longer term opportunities
  • CV writing clinics, interview practice, and site visits etc.
  • Support those looking to set up a business for themselves and signpost to support and training for this
  • Introduce candidates to career opportunities
  • Connect with Education partners to engage with the programme and candidates
  • or anything else

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Lia Rosina 
Youth Hub and Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator
T: 01276 707502 ext.7502

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