Use our Reminisce Sessions to remember the past.

Our Reminiscence sessions can be held at the museum or we can come to you. 

Each has their own theme and we use objects and photos to stimulate discussion.


The purpose of Reminiscence is to stimulate the memory as we get older.  Reminiscence can be a powerful aid to working with groups of older people and taking part in activities can improve their memory and dexterity, give them greater levels of confidence, help them socialise, or just make them smile and enjoy life more.

Our aim:

  • Organise the content and structure of the activity in a clear and organised way that will help the older people to understand what is covered.
  • We will ensure participation and help support the older people to understand and retain information, by providing opportunities for group work and questions.
  • We can provide feedback to help the older people to see what they have achieved and the progress they have made, maintaining motivation.
  • We will evaluate learning and identify how good the learning experience was and where it can be improved.

Our current Reminiscence sessions cover:

  • 1950's Britain
  • Old Toys
  • World War II
  • 1960's Britain

We are currently in the process of creating other sessions, so let us know if you require a certain theme.

Sessions cost £30 and can last up to one hour.

To book a session,  please contact us on 01276 707284 or